Step 1

Download the installer file from our website. Depending on where you save it, navigate to that folder and open the file (click or double click, depending on your setup). No administrative rights are required.

Step 2

Read the License Agreement. Click "Accept".

Step 3

Specify the location you wish the files to be extracted to. Note the folder containing the files will be created in the location you select. If you are not using administrative rights, you will need to extract to a folder in your user area, such as Documents, or Desktop.
You can also extract it to a folder on an USB stick for a portable install.

Step 4

The extracted files will be located in the folder "IPRVM" in the location you selected. Find the main program .exe file and open it.
You can specify a shortcut to directly access the application in a later step.

Step 5

When the program is first opened you will see this screen. Click OK.

Step 6

Click the settings icon ().

Step 7

The General Settings window will open. Select "New Device" from the left list.

Step 8

These settings are pre-filled with DEFAULT values used by DAHUA devices. They will probably not work with your device.

Step 9

Enter into each field your device's Name, IP Address/domain name(if applicable), Username, Password, Video Channel number* and select Device/Channel Type.
Click "Add Device".

*For IP Cameras (IPC/SD), it's usually 0. For Video Recorders (DVRs, HCVRs, NVRs, XVRs etc), please input the corresponding channel number.

Step 10

To verify you have entered the fields correctly, click 'Verify Device". This is also necessary to proceed with device licensing, whether Trial or Full.

Step 11

This shows a successful verification. To get a FREE trial license which is good for 14 days, click "Device License".

Step 12

The device licensing window will open. Click "Get Free Trial", or if you are buying a license, "Buy License".

Step 13

Your web browser will open, and you will be directed to our web site. Your device's details will be pre-filled. If you choose to purchase our app, you will be directed to our purchase page. If you are purchasing our app, you must provide your PayPal email address. You may use a different email address however if you do that we cannot give you the discounted additional device pricing.

Step 14

If you requested a free trial license, or bought a full license, your web browser will open with the device key page. Click "Copy to Clipboard".

Step 15

Press <Ctrl+C> to copy the activation key.
Click "OK" or press <ENTER> to close the key window.

Step 16

From the app's licensing window, click "Paste From Clipboard", and then "Activate".

Step 17

A successful activation will show this screen - message:
"Your device has been activated for trial mode."

Step 18

Close the licensing window. The app will auto-refresh and show you the image from your newly-added device.

Step 19

We suggest you re-open the settings window, and enable the "Show On-Screen Tooltips" option as well as create a shortcut on your Desktop for easy access.

Step 20

Desktop shortcut created.

Step 21


Note: We allow you to run our app on as many computers as you wish. If you are installing for a second, or more, time, the steps to activate your install will be the same. The web site licensing page will show "device already activated" if you are not adding any new devices or channels. Copy the key into your newly installed app in the same way as before.