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First Device or NVR Channel $ 14.95
Additional Devices/Channels $ 3.99 each

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Please download our app from this website, install it, and determine if it will meet your needs. Trial Licenses are FREE and last for 14 days. If you are satisfied and want to remove the 14-day trial limit, full licenses are USD 14.95 for your first camera or NVR channel and each additional device is USD 3.99.

Buy your license from the app's licensing window. See the Support, Install page, Step 12 for details.

After you click the "Buy" button in the IPRVM application, you will be redirected to this website, and we ask you provide your PayPal email address. After you complete the PayPal transaction, your key will be shown immediately, however we will only email it to your PayPal address. If your email has changed since you bought your initial license, please contact us so we can update our database. You may choose to proceed without waiting, however the next additional devices you wish to license will be charged the full price instead of 3.99.